The yoga mat is a yogi's home. This is the magic carpet we all carry around, roll up and down and could easily substitute for our bed.  There is no denying - the yoga mat is the most essential prop to a yogi's asana practice. 

Through our practice we have tried on a few - some good and some not so good mats.

To spare you the trial and error, we have compiled a list of our top tested and still currently in heavy use yoga mats. 

We have listed them in ascending order ;)

Yoga mat No1


yoga mat

Light, fun and affordable. This mat offers a good grip and is a perfect companion to every beginner yogi.  It also comes with a carry-on strap.

Yoga mat No2


My first mat which I will always have deep feelings of gratitude for.

Thick, offers a great grip and cushion. Durable and equally comfortable in savasana as well as crow pose.

Yoga mat No3


The newest addition to our mats family is a gem! The best grip we have experienced, comes with a lifetime warranty. It's thickness of 4mm is perfect for intermediate practitioners.

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