Happy SELFLOVE day

If you love yourself enough to listen to your heart; to put yourself first and foremost; to do as your deepest emotions push you to and... to ignore the external noise...

Well.. wow and congratulations!

You might just be lucky enough to live happily and feel completely in tune with yourself and your purpose.

All of this will not come without a price, though. You will be categorized as “out of the ordinary”, “strange” and the best one so far - “selfish”.

You will always be “selfish” if you do not comply with society’s terms of ordinary and normal.. and where is the fun in that?

You will always be considered “strange” if you follow your heart and not your “head”... but where is the fun in that?

Regarded as weird or not...

Still. I CHOOSE to love me in the deepest sense of the word there is. To cherish and honor what my soul craves for. I’ll grow thicker skin if I need to and I will buy even better ear plugs if I have to... to continue silencing those who have chosen their path to be something other than their true desires.

I choose ME. I choose #selflove.

What do YOU choose?


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