8 morning rules I made into a habit

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Are you struggling to find your morning routine and settle in it? Are you always wondering what to grab for breakfast rushing on your way to work? If that is the case, it is very probable that you end up with some unhealthy snack on your desk almost every day, which only makes you feel guilty.

I think we can safely say that we have all been there - that is until we find the rules we want to follow and eventually settle as habits.

I know the word rule has a negative and somewhat commanding connotation to it, but believe me when I say this - you need to set yourself mental rules you are almost never willing to cross. This will eventually program you to just do them as normal habits that you not only do every day but like and feel not in place if skipped.

Without any overdue, here are my 8 morning rules to make a habit of:

1. As soon as the morning alarm is off, I stretch in bed to help my body and mind wake up. I'm not a morning person and unfortunately am not a morning yoga person (yet) but I have realized that the least I can do in the morning for my body is stretch it out in all directions. It does not take more than 2-3 minutes to make a couple of supinely twists in bed, a couple of seated in bed twists , a seated forward fold and on your way out of bed a standing forward fold.

2. As soon as I get up, I go in the kitchen and turn on the kettle to boil some water or warm the tea already in (my boyfriend wakes up earlier so usually there's tea ready, yet).

3. Bathroom visit starts with a look in the mirror - use this first look at yourself for the day to tell yourself how amazing, beautiful, cute, nice, smart, successful - any of all of the above - YOU are! This makes you feel good, smile, and kick off your day feeling great.

4. Use a Tongue Cleaner - maybe you have one, but most probably you don't. Whichever the case, I urge you to equip yourself with the traditional Ayurveda tongue cleaner and experience first-handedly how amazingly it works. So much bacteria is left on your tongue after brushing your teeth, you'll be glad to be able to finally get rid of (most) of it. Here is a link to the stainless steel Tongue Cleaner we use right now:


5. Go back to the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of warm water/tea and squeeze in half a lemon. Why you want to do this every single morning? After 7-8-etc. hours of sleeping your body is extremely thirsty. You really need to replenish and hydrate so the more clean liquid (water, herbal tea) you can take, the better. Lemon will boost the detox effect, will increase your digestive fire and most astonishingly will make your whole digestive system's environment alkaline - which prevents cancer and other ailments. Now how can you say no to that?

6. If I have fresh citrus fruits - which I try to stock up on regularly - I prepare a freshly squeezed juice to take with me on the way to work. This supplies vitamins to my body, adds to my morning hydration and acts as a pre-breakfast so I can actually afford to remain without ingesting actual food for longer.

7. After arriving in the office, I go about prepping my breakfast. In my best days that would be a two-part series: First I chop and eat fresh fruits - apples, pears, banana (if I didn't manage to have a fresh juice, I also go for oranges) - and then I proceed to something else like oatmeal OR sourdough bread with either nut butter or cheese. Around Easter, I had Easter cookies. My rule here is that I eat as much as I like but it is the right foods and the whole process is prolonged in time. And I don't buy packaged breakfast (breakfast bars or so-called healthy biscuits).

8. By the time I am finished with breakfast it is usually 11:30-12 o'clock and I can finally have my coffee. My rule of thumb is to never have coffee before 11 am. This hour will obviously depend on your time of waking up - I usually get up at 9 so I allow my body 2 hours to settle in, hydrate and have food before I reach out to caffeine. Believe me when I tell you that you will be fine for 2 hours; your body just woke up and is full of energy - leave the energy boost for later. I have 1 coffee per day, a 2nd is a staple for those especially tough/long business days which are thankfully not too many in a year.

This is how my ordinary weekly morning looks like. I very much enjoy it now that I have settled into this routine. I hope it was helpful and that you will make at least 1 of these into a habit. I wish you success in building your healthy morning routine and remember: if you change one thing today, tomorrow it will be easier to change another.

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